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Albido Corporation is responding to a growing need for advanced, cost effective, highly reliable, durable and non-intrusive systems for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and Condition Based Maintenance (CBM). Such systems shall include temperature, strain, pressure, and torque sensing devices that have both sensitivity and time resolution high enough to not only recognize failing machinery, but to specifically identify the failing part. The SHM / CBM systems must be able to detect failures in their early stages such that repairs would be less expensive or critical conditions could be recognized early such that preventive actions can be taken to avoid possible damage. Monitoring of mechanical structures and early detection of potential failures is becoming more and more important.  Albido is developing a variety of wireless, true passive sensors based on Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) strain measurement technology. SAW sensors can be interrogated wirelessly from a distance of several meters. Requiring no physical connection to a power supply or the interrogator unit, the SAW sensors can be strategically placed providing on-demand information pertaining to the condition of key components and structures. Sensors can be located in hard to reach locations and a multitude of sensors responding to a single interrogator can be placed on the platform resulting in higher fault detection accuracy, improving diagnostics and prognostics.





Albido is focused on using Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) sensors as the primary means of monitoring relevant physical parameters such as temperature, strain, pressure, and torque in mechanical structures such as rotating machinery (motors, generators, pumps, gear systems, etc.), jet engine blades, helicopter rotor blades, windmill blades and also stationary structures such as buildings, bridges, etc. A key feature of Albido’s technology is that information is transmitted wirelessly to a central data processing facility. Depending on the transmission distance and the required transmission rate, a particular frequency and encoding technology is chosen. Albido’s sensors cover a wide temperature range from cryogenic to more than 900oC. This is accomplished by careful selection of the sensor materials and the processing technology as well as the interrogation scheme. Albido’s sensors can either be attached to the surface of the structures to be monitored or, if the structures are non metallic, embedded in the structures.

The accuracy of Albido’s sensors is comparable or better than the accuracy of state-of-the-art sensors built with different technologies. They are inexpensive, easy to install, and they can be applied to new or existing structures.

Albido has invented a method to separate the in uence of temperature and strain on the SAW sensor response. Albido’s technology can be extended to the measurement not only of the usual physical parameters, such as strain, temperature, pressure, or humidity, but also chemical parameters, such as corrosion or the concentration of certain gases.

Albido cooperates with renown research focused groups at University of South Carolina (structural health monitoring), University of Colorado Colorado Springs (integrated circuits and SAW device processing), University of Central Florida (SAW sensors development), and other research institutions.



There are many potential applications for products built with Albido’s technology:

  • Condition Base Maintenance (CBM) of rotating machinery (motors,

    generators, pumps, gear systems, etc.)

  • Distributed Wireless Sensor Network for CBM and SHM of Ships

  • Distributed Wireless Sensor Network for interior environment and climate control

  • CBM and SHM in harsh environments (helicopter and turbine engine)

  • DoD platforms which have key structural components that require torque, strain, or loads monitoring (e.g. propellers)

  • Integrated Mechanical Diagnostics Health and Usage Monitoring System (IMD HUMS)

  • Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE)

  • NASA and Aerospace industry

    • Vehicle Systems Safety Technology (VSST)

    • Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen)

    • Vehicle Health Assurance

    • Space ight Structural Sensor Systems

  • Power plant turbo generators, Wind turbines

  • Oil industry

  • Automotive industry

  • Engine health monitoring (EHM)

  • Transportation – rail roads, bridges, etc.

  • Medical and health industry (e.g. pressure sensors)

  • Consumer market (e.g. fragile cargoes)


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